"Tomboy. Garçonne mannerisms. Nature lover"

Naomi is a Belgian artist who explores boundaries within a multidisciplinary performance practice. She uses choreography, dance, movement, video, photo, collage, text, and audio. Her recent work can be seen as meditations and research on socio-cultural issues such as gender, the male gaze and the role of the female body and dancer. She questions (herself, others, and society) in a critical manner, in and through the capitalist male/macho dominated world we are living in. With a striking intuition and a very accurate feeling for timing and composition she simultaneously knows exactly how to create a very subtle but persistent tension along the performance. In doing so, she adds notions such as power play, voyeurism, and modern technology. The way she ‘uses’ her audience is a very present and important element in the work, and towards the reflection of the work. 

These recent performances and research are an extension of an earlier long-term piece (2011-2019) where she played the role of a commercial dancer/showgirl, producing and creating dance performances for high-end corporate events and publicity, in a glamour world of artificial images.

Parallel, Naomi is doing research on how to break out of that strait jacket and make room (in her body) for a new movement language.

Currently amongst one of the few PERFORMANCE students to be accepted at The School Of Arts (Kask Ghent)

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