Photo Astrid Schouteden

Belgian based performance artist.

- exploring boundaries within a multidisciplinary performance practice -


Experienced professional dancer with a broad range of choreographic, (creative) directing, styling and organizational skills.

Fashion Illustrator.

"Androgynous flavored tomboy. Garçonne mannerisms. Nature lover"

HER STORY : Born and raised in Ghent (Belgium °1981). Started dancing at the age of 4. Made her very first choreography at the age of 12, which was a Ballet (pointes) piece on Jaydee's 'Plastic Dreams' : "I guess that set the tone. I loved experimenting, exploring boundaries and I always wanted to express my creativity through various artistic forms". That's one of the reasons Naomi went to art school where she studied Fashion & Photography. After graduating she took several trainings in make-up artistry. Over the years she also chose to develop other skills as well such as styling, (creative) directing and fashion illustrating, to strengthen her platform and broadening her outreach : "I always loved learning new skills. I felt unhappy not learning any new stuff". Naomi launched her first company in 2011. 'Maison Mademoiselle' ; a dance agency for custom-made dance performances commissioned by high-end corporate events (national & international) : "Through my Maison, I learned what it's like to grow your own business. I was continuously confronted with the challenge of striking the right balance between the commercial needs of my customers and maintaining my own artistic style. I am very grateful for this amazing journey and all the talented people I got to work with".

WHAT SHE DOES : Naomi felt the need to make a complete change : "I kinda outgrew my company and I had the feeling that I learned everything I needed to know". Naomi is currently amongst one of the few PERFORMANCE students to be accepted at The School Of Arts (Kask Ghent) and works as a freelance dance (r) teacher and fashion illustrator.

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